Scholarship for University Of Delhi aspirants

“Originality is the essence of a true scholarship. Creativity is the soul of the true scholar.”

What is Stipendium?

STIPENDIUM is an incredible opportunity for the students of class 12th. It is a scholarship programme conducted for aspirants of University of Delhi.  Stipendium brightens the day for some lucky college students with up to 100% fee waiver.

How to avail the scholarship?

In Stipendium, the students have to participate with 2 write up’s of 150-200 words each. The aim is to help students to achieve their goals by providing them scholarship for their graduation. The students have to only register with STIPENDIUM and then answer two questions given to them while following our procedure. Top 10 students with the best answers ( based on thoughts & vocabulary) will be given the scholarship.

Who can be a part?

Students of class 12th of any stream have an absolute chance of winning the scholarship. The test is based on thoughts, vocabulary and relevance. So there exists is no bias related to the student’s stream. The communication and writing skills of the student and his perspective regarding his future choices can fetch him this wonderful opportunity.

“Originality is the essence of a true scholarship. Creativity is the soul of the true scholar.

Why & Who is conducting Stipendium?

The scholarship is being programmed by Form Bazaar U/O JH Education Private limited as a part of their Corporate Social Responsibility. They aim to become the support system for students at the beginning of their career. Their target is to spread awareness in the field of education so that no student is left unaware of the opportunities and chances that he/she can achieve.  Form Bazaar is a helping hand to students who guides class 12th students during the most crucial time of their school life by solving the problem of finding the forms and filling them with ease of sitting at their home. Led by a team of highly qualified professionals, with a passion for excellence in education, Form Bazaar have been focusing on finding new ways to support students in their education.

What are we looking from students?

All that we want from the students associated with us is to have the hunger for learning and education. The student need not be an extraordinary one in education but must have the will to improve and perform better and better for the best future. If the student has a good command over his written or verbal communication skills and good knowledge about his own interests, he has an absolute chance of winning the scholarship. All we want for the students is them to make their imagination a story of inspiration for the rest.

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